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The Changes.... A personal account

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I’m going to give you a very real, close to my heart example of how this amazing therapy works, and in my own relationship, having felt it myself shows me a whole new world, and lets me want to share it with every couple that are going through challenges.

*I have been offering to give my partner a therapy session for almost 2 years now, now this girl is in 3 words – Amazing, brilliant, and stubborn.

We were going through some tough times in our relationship when she finally said to me one night “OK Shaun, lets give this a go”

My reaction was disbelief, “Are you sure you’re going to be open to this?” – “YES”

When she started to open up to me, she started telling me things that she didn’t know was bothering her at all, she started to understand why she held resentment. So when she was telling me about her feelings, and with me using Advanced Conversational Hypnosis while this was happening, I wasn’t hearing the best information about myself, a bit of a gut punch, but my girl was having a complete breakthrough. While the realisations were coming left right and centre, she was in the therapy, without realising it, but I was in fact treating myself at the same time.

After a 45-minute session of finding out all of this new information that we both didn’t realise we were going through, something happened.

Everything that was holding us back, was now gone! Like wow, literally gone!!!

There was, and remains, a clean slate – We have reached the next level in our relationship and can’t see our lives without each other in it.*

I know this may sound corny, but to this day, some 2 months later, my partner comes to me and tells me of another realisation, and they just keep coming. Solidifying our relationship to the strong point that it is.

I have had times where I am not able to control the feelings within me that I have for this woman, and I need to stand up and just walk around to let out all of the energy that I have stored up because I am at the point where I can’t contain it anymore.

When we are not together, we miss each other, when we are together, we need to be touching. To tell you the truth, we both don’t know how this happened, but we do know that it all changed that night where she relented and gave my Advanced Conversational Hypnosis magic a go.

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