Results, you know you want them...

Now I want to put some false beliefs to rest.

Can a Hypnotherapist control what you say and do?


Can a Hypnotherapist make you do anything you do not want to?


With hypnosis, you are in complete control. The only thing that the hypnotherapist can do is help you access the untapped potential that every person has buried inside them.

This untapped potential lays dormant within you in the part of the mind that can accomplish the unthinkable.

If you have the right therapist, he/she can help you find out why you think and act the way you do and release the mental blockages you have unconsciously created. Under hypnosis you are accessing untapped potential, whilst remaining in complete control of your thoughts and actions. In these moments you can make sense of some of the things bringing chaos to your life.

In one simple conversation you can make immense changes to your life through your own discoveries!

Once you access the dormant potential inside you, your subconscious mind begins to process ways to make everything in your life more achievable.

Recently a client articulated this point saying, “It’s very much like having a 2-tonne weight lifted off your shoulders and feeling so much lighter because I am free of all the troubles that I was holding on to without even realising it”.

The amazing thing is as time goes on so will little opportunities and moments of clarity. Past and future obstacles will become open doors and the things you struggled to achieve will gradually become more attainable. The issues in your life that you believed to be significant prior to hypnosis will be worked through and you will realise just how insignificant a lot of things really are.

If you want to make big changes in your life, whether it is in your relationship, in yourself, to quit smoking, lose weight, to stop biting your nails or any other issues you have struggled with on your own and want results, Vypnosis would love to help you.

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