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Don't forget to be intimate

In today’s world everybody wants it all!! And they want it immediately from success to the brand-new car, even the proverbial happy ever after fairy tale life. Often, above all they want to fall in love and have the dream relationship. Problem is we can not always choose who we fall in love with and sometimes it takes more than just a sexual attraction to keep things going.

Too many things, and people focus on a three-letter word that they try to centre their happiness around …sex. Everything these days is about sex… Now, don’t get me wrong I like sex as much as any warm-blooded species but is it everything? Is sex the be all or end all of a relationship?

I argue NO.

Did you know intimacy between two people… or multiple if that is your cup of tea... is more than just intercourse or sexual acts? Even foreplay is regularly forgotten. The only goal is that final, body shaking climax.

Intimacy is a beautiful thing!!!!!! It can happen with just a loving touch, a caress, a kiss, a tickle, a simple loving hug or just a conversation over a coffee.

Intimacy is about establishing and maintaining a connection - and we all need connections.

We need to trust and care about each other, we need honesty, we need clear communication and above all we really need to love ourselves.

Sadly, the emphasis on getting laid means we often forget, or even worse can’t be bothered to be intimate with our partners. We forget about the little things that made us happy or fall in love in the first place. We forget what it was like when we were first dating, and we took the time.

These days, if a man can’t perform, he feels that he isn't a man and isn’t able to please his partner, whereas if a woman isn't able to climax or to get her partner to climax then she feels that she isn't attractive, or there is something wrong.

Often this is not the case at all!!!

People have busy lives; people have a lot going on in their heads. With the fast pace of the world that we live in, the anxiety, the job, the debt, the bills, the deadlines, the pressure that we put ourselves under each day is just too much.

This is where communication and trust are integral. If sex is what you are after and able to do, then go for it. But don’t forget about all the other avenues of intimacy that can lead to a more passionate and fulfilling relationship. Don’t forget to just love each other in every way possible. You do realise you can be intimate with your partner where Netflix is just that… Netflix. You don’t always have to attach the Chill.

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