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Conversation Therapy and Relationships

 As I've said in the "About" section, my relationship was not looking good. My partner and I  were on the verge of breaking up after 2.5 years together because the honeymoon period was over, life was in the way and we were just living like roommates. The passion had gone and the love was nowhere to be found. Mind you, as a couple we both decided that our past relationship experience and the experience of marriage that we both had prior, we were never going to get married, we didn't need a piece of paper to seal the deal. When we both decided to give ConversationTherapy a try to see if we could sort out what was going on. To my complete amazement, this has completely changed the way we feel about each other. The love that we had when we first met was back, and it was noticeable. One morning as my partner (now wife) exited the car when I dropped her off to work, a lady stopped her and asked "How do you maintain it?". When my partner asked what she meant she replied that she could see that we were still madly in love and she wanted to know if there was a trick that she could use for her relationship. My fiance then told her that funnily enough that it was through Vypno Therapy that we discovered issues that had branched out from the roots of our relationship causing damage to it and jolting us back into truly being in love with each other.

Now that we are married, we both now say that we don't want to go another day without each other by our side. *blushing*

Conversation Therapy and Finances

After having had the treatment myself, I've got to say it has been the smoothest of rides. Opportunities have literally been popping up out of nowhere, without me even searching for them. I've had the urge to read a number of books that I've been putting off reading, which has given me a complete boost, starting me on a totally different trajectory, instead of trying to run this race on my own, I am engaging with some really gifted people with the right know-how and abilities to help me get this message out into a much larger audience. I have realised that life isn't a race at all, and as long as I'm doing what I love, which is helping people,  everything is going to work itself out. Currently amazing circumstances and opportunities have and are coming into my life ever since my Conversation Therapy treatment and continue to benefit me financially. Financial confidence can really only come about once we have established a sense of personal confidence because everything in life is about balance,

with each aspect causing a chain reaction on the others.

For me, gaining financial confidence still does and always will remain a large piece of the puzzle. 

Conversation Therapy and Health

 Health is something that we all take for granted, yet it is absolutely amazing how we CAN all have the healthiest of bodies but we as a  people look for the easy option. Since my Conversation Therapy treatment, I have not been sick. Although I did get Covid 19, I was not sick in the slightest, while most have been bedridden or have had to go to the hospital, I was fine with no issues or symptoms. I am 43 as of this writing and I feel better than I did when I was 25. For some unknown reason, I am consuming less food, only eating what my body needs. I have reduced my sugar without missing it at all, I would never have thought that I would love eating nuts and seeds, and am doing so like they're candy! I am absolutely enjoying this new side of myself. I'm not saying that Conversation Therapy is the answer to all of your dreams, but I am saying that Conversation Therapy has led me to make the right decisions and has given me the opportunity to choose a healthier lifestyle. I have made the transition from drinking soft drinks and really sugary coffee, as well as eating all of the sugary sweets and fatty foods in excess to drinking water, eating good foods (don't worry I have my naughty occasions still) being healthy, happy, and ideally living out the rest of my days with my wife by my side. Conversation Therapy has given me choice, and I will forever be grateful.

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