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About Vypnosis

A Conversation that Will Change your life for the better
Online meeting

Our modality of Conversation Therapy is unique, fast, and very effective.

Following initial contact via our booking link or contact page, find a convenient time for a call, where you will be taken through the process and establish if we're a good fit.


You are in control! 

There is simply a conversation with a specialist, that will help you to look at your issues from another perspective.

while having awareness and complete functionality.


And while doing this, hitting the recalibrate button for your issue. 

The entire treatment is conducted from the comfort of your home,

or where ever you have an internet connection.

Vypnosis has designed ConversationTherapy treatments to cater to people worldwide.

This is done via video call at your convenience. We know your time is valuable and we want to help you quickly and efficiently

get you the results you are after, FAST!


Just a side note...




Before my partner and I received Conversation Therapy treatments we were both very frustrated and were thinking of ending our relationship, due to the direction we were going, we were having issues with a lack of love and intimacy.

Once we received the treatments, my partner and I made several discoveries, most important, was that we were both carrying insecurities and baggage from past long-term relationships that needed to be released, we both have come to the realisation that 

*many couples in their 40s and beyond are embarking on a second chance at love*.

We also realised that in our case it can be catch-22 issues that we were having individually or collectively, which we found contributed to the sexual dysfunction, yet on the other hand, the sexual dysfunction was causing a number of the issues.

The realisation was the answer (something we couldn't do ourselves), and this released all of the above issues.

Many miraculous things have happened since the treatment, which has been an absolute blessing. It has reignited our love and passion which has helped us both take the next step in life and actually got married (which we both said that we would never do).

This actually drives us to want to help people who are suffering in their relationships, to help strengthen, embrace, and improve their level of love and intimacy.



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