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At Vypnosis you get results 











Have you been suffering from an issue?

Smoking, Nail Biting, Anxiety

Have you wondered, why me?

Have you been looking for an answer?

Welcome to -


With CONVERSATION Therapy we take these lifelong issues and turn them into distant memories.

We want you to look back at life before treatment,

at how life was,

and start imagining how good life is going to be.

The therapy that we offer is designed to get you where you want to be, whether it's *Habitual, Relational, Financial, or Healthwise*.

Bypassing all of the white noise, and getting to the CORE PROBLEM in order for you to achieve your goals and improve your circumstances in a way that you never thought possible. 

This is done with the use of CONVERSATION ThErapy.
A place of complete comfort and relaxation,

A destination of awareness, clarity, and confidence.

If you could get good, even great results in as little as 1 session


Or would you say "no thank you, I'm going to take the option that will take months or years", which could end up costing you huge amounts,

and has no guarantee.

You could see a therapist and be told that you need to complete a 12  sessions package, or that you will have to keep attending sessions for the foreseeable future, paying a fee for every session, unsure if you'll achieve the results in the end.

A woman smiling

Are you experiencing any of the issues/symptoms below in your life?

Trying to eliminate them individually can be

troubling, tiresome, and expensive.

To be released from any of these individual issues/symptoms,

 you first need to address the core problem.

If by chance you are able to rid yourself of the issues/symptoms individually, unfortunately they will continue to be a part of your life by often laying dormant and eventually regrowing branches like a tree until you take care of the CORE PROBLEM i.e. the root cause.

With Vypno Therapy, we know how to get to the CORE PROBLEM and do so as quickly as possible thus taking care of ALL of the issues/symptoms at the same time. 

When you've taken care of the root cause of the matter, all of the issues/symptoms leave your life automatically as fantastic side benefits of the treatment.

Fast, effective, and simply put the only common sense option. 

There is also the guarantee (See the guarantee section in the menu above) that if you do not get the outcome you are after from the first treatment, you can continue treatment until you DO get the outcome you're after, without paying another penny.

Why not have the outcome you're after NOW?


Complete the contact form above today, and we will organize an information call.

For more information please see the relevant sections above.

Angela, England

"I had a session with Shaun last night and was insane. Feeling good this morning. Thankyou Shaun Kemp you are an amazing therapist"

Tegan, Queensland

"Shaun is incredible at what he does! He creates a gentle, fun and most importantly a safe atmosphere with genuine care for his clients"

Darren, Texas

"Shaun is amazing. He helped me get through some anxiety that was causing me to have sleeping issues. Since our session I am sleeping better and have more clarity"
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