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We specialize in online hypnotherapy for individuals and couples who are suffering from one or more symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual dysfunction, lack of sexual intimacy, lack of general intimacy or difficulty finding a partner to spend their lives with. Our hypnosis is tailored specifically to help individuals and couples overcome their issues and improve their quality of life.

However, online hypnotherapy is not limited to our specialization and we at Vypnosis can assist in a multitude of issues ranging from weight loss, insomnia, smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, and any of those 'small' or 'big' issues that affect your daily lives or keep you up at night



Shaun Kemp

I am a certified hypnotherapist who offers compassionate and personalized services to help you achieve your life goals. My goal is to make a world-wide impact on the lives of my clients by helping them improve their quality of life and making the world a wonderful place person by person. I provide individualized hypnotherapy sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact me today to learn more about my unique services.

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Sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction fall into those topics that people find too awkward or embarrassing to talk about let alone admit to suffering. This is something I can attest to from personal experience.

It may not be obvious that I specifically chose to use the term ‘people’ rather than simply say men. This is because sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction does not only affect men, granted it is more obvious for men with the inability to have penetrative sex, but women can also be afflicted with the physical effects. Furthermore, it is so important to note it is not always a physiological issue, instead it can be a gamut of causes. Sadly, relationships can often suffer because the lack of intimacy can result in feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, anger, suspicion and so on. Men can feel like they are incapable of satisfying their partner, women can feel as though their partner is no longer attracted to them or, if they themselves are suffering from sexual dysfunction, they may feel inadequate much the same as men.

Sometimes when we are suffering a form of sexual dysfunction we forget the impacts on our partners, sometimes they can be a silent sufferer.

Through hypnosis, my partner and I made several discoveries. Most importantly, we realised in our case it can be a catch 22 – issues we were having individually or collectively may have contributed to the sexual dysfunction, yet on the other hand the sexual dysfunction caused some of our issues.

Even more importantly, I came to my biggest realisation!! Not only do I want to help the sufferers but also the silent sufferers and help couples strengthen their relationships and embrace and improve their level of intimacy.


Our hypnotherapy sessions are confidential, safe, and will help you reach your goals.

I use cutting-edge online therapy techniques to help people overcome issues like weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, and anxiety. So you can get the help you need and start living the life you want.

My goal as a hypnotherapist is to help you achieve the best possible quality of life, by helping you resolve your most profound issues and create a world where everyone can feel happy and fulfilled in one, or as few sessions as possible.


Advanced Conversational Hypnosis can help you turn your darkest thoughts and feelings into knowledge and power. My sessions are always confidential and tailored to your specific needs.


Angela, England

"I had a session with Shaun last night and was insane. Feeling good this morning. Thankyou Shaun Kemp you are an amazing therapist"

Tegan, Australia

"Shaun is incredible at what he does! He creates a gentle, fun and most importantly a safe atmosphere with genuine care for his clients"

Darren, Texas

"Shaun is amazing. He helped me get through some anxiety that was causing me to have sleeping issues. Since our session I am sleeping better and have more clarity"